Have you ever considered training in the new science and techniques of food addiction recovery to help others and yourself?

You can have a rewarding job working from home or incorporate the break-through science into your practice



And choose to become 


Why can't I help others with food addiction?

You have received life changing benefits from eating a clean food plan but you are puzzled as to why you can't persuade others to join you. 

Training in food addiction peer support

Processed food addicts are often resistant to trying any more due to the virtually 100% fail rate of eating control programs.  Breaking through resistance requires training in subtleties and learning safe, science-based techniques.

The satisfaction of helping another

Imagine helping others break away from processed food addiction?  This is life-changing training that will further empower your on-going recovery and give you the ability to help others.

I am happy to be working towards a job where I'm strengthen my own food addiction recovery and earn an income helping others

Has a loved one died from diet-related disease?

Have you had the dreadful frustration of being unable to persuade a loved one to clean up their diet?  Sadly, it was an impossible task without specific training in food addiction recovery.

ARC Manager Training
is a way to help others

You will always know what to say to an addicted eater. These skills once learned, will stay with you and will be able to be applied to make a difference to another's life.

Christina's story
in her own words

There are so many reasons I joined the ARC. There are more reasons that I wasn't aware when I made the commitment to this work.  I am glad some good has come from my struggle with food addiction.

I've wanted to help others for a long time.
Finally, I'm getting the skills to actually do it.

Science changes everything

Increasingly scientists are joining the movement to think of overeating as an addiction.

For example, Dr. Robert Lustig's video on sugar has been viewed over 13 million time and continues to grow as people look for answers.

Learn research-based skills

Most eating-control program do not fully recognize how serious addiction to processed foods is. 

This is an evidence-based training which will train you to understand and help with the deep and complex nature of processed food addiction.

Recovery has
bumps and potholes

One of the greatest challenges to supporting a person to recovery around processed foods is to keep them engaged.  How to do this is not obvious. 
You will learn to work with lapses and disappointments as well as success. 

No longer will I stand by helplessly while loved ones suffer.

Take the next step

Once you have had all your questions answered it is easy to register.   You need to have excellent command of spoken and written English.  A history of food struggles is essential. 
We will teach you the science and techniques at your pace.

What's it really like?

You will be making a difference for people who have become lost in processed food addiction. 
Slowly you will walk with along side people as they make the journey out from this complex addiction.

Become an ARC Manager

This is an opportunity to train with one of the world's leading authorities to help people from often decades of suffering under the grip of processed food addiction.

I enjoy working with people who understand me.
I don't have to hide anything. What a joy this is!

What happens
in ARC Manager Training?

In the training, you get specialized expertise from the doctor who wrote the textbook for the field, Joan Ifland, PhD.

You can immerse yourself in an online study environment that supports recovery from food addiction.  You can study from home. You get protection and understanding of your own relapse triggers.



How Does ARC
Manager Training Work?

You work at your own pace.  You work on your own or if you prefer in on-line study groups.

You are led through fascinating materials. Your assignments are easily entered into a spreadsheet.

Joan Ifland is available for your questions. Or ask her online where she regularly participates.  She's there to guide you. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice the skills you have learnt.


What is the role of an ARC Manager ?

As an ARC Manager, you are in partnership with the central ARC. 

You spend time lifting up food addicts through Facebook private messenger and email, helping people through the up and downs of the journey to recovery.

When you're ready, once per day you run a special video chat in your area of interest or time zone. 

When you have questions, your fellow ARC Managers are right there to make sure you succeed.

More questions?

Email: [email protected]

We hope you will consider using the skills and experience you have learnt in your ongoing recovery to help others.


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