In the Addiction Reset Community, you finally get what you've needed all along...
Enough expertise, patience, and kindness to get control of your food.

  • Effective, research-based addiction recovery strategies to build a steady path to freedom from food and weight obsession.

  • Connection to online peer support to gain control of your food, in the comfort of your own home.

  • A patient, compassionate, self-paced environment that is proven to gently support you in taking steady, doable steps in your recovery.

  • Practical resources, daily online community engagement and transformative brain retraining exercises.

  • Flexibility for working  the ARC into busy lives.

  • Effective training to manage withdrawal from processed food.

  • Skills training for managing triggers and cues that cause relapse

  • Practical skills and support to recover from relapse without judgement or shame.

  • Daily support from a dedicated Recovery Advocate who has an intimate, first-hand understanding of processed food addiction.

  • A support community of like-minded individuals who care about you and truly understand the challenges and frustrations of living with processed food addiction.

It's easy to get what you need

Security of support built on a solid, science-based foundation

Flexibility to meet your individual needs, at your own pace

At least 15 hours of Live Video Chats Daily

Enjoy the freedom to connect to video chats throughout your day to keep stress and cravings under control.

Live chats are available 365 days of the year.
Sharing experiences stops the self-blame.

"The video chats totally saved me. They always stop the cravings." - Christina

Members-Only Facebook Group

Stop the stress of loneliness and boredom
Connect with your caring fellow members 24 hours a day
We've all been where you are 
Post questions and get great answers

"I just love that I can find company 24 hours per day.
I no longer eat because I feel lonely." - Tammy

A One-Hour Live Conference Call Every Day

Join a caring conference call to prevent overeating
Resolve stress
Stop night eating
You decide how often to join in

"It felt impossible to stop my nightly binges. 
But the end-of-day conference call fixed it." - Michelle

ARC Members-Only Podcasts

Listen to ARC podcasts to stop stress and cravings any time
Turn to a comforting podcast 24/7 to stop food obsession 
Get access to over a thousand podcasts
Learn why losing control is not your fault

"The replays are amazing. If food obsession starts,
I just turn on a replay and the craving goes away." - Sandra

Private Messenger Chat at Facebook

Stop overeating because you don't know what to do
Drop in with understanding people all day 
Feel the warmth of fellow members who know what you're going through
You're being heard and acknowledged

"I finally fit in somewhere. 
People know what I'm going through because they're going through it too." - Kim

Daily Emails

Replace food obsession with recovery encouragement
Turn your inbox into recovery stimulation

"I love finding messages of encouragement in my inbox.
It helps me keep up my willpower through the day." - Susie

Connection is the opposite of addiction

Join today!

And finally...

get back control of your food

"The flexible schedule is so important. My big challenging time used to be after work, but now I just get on the afternoon video chat. For other members, the evening call is the anchor. We get access when we need it rather than when the program offers it."

ARC Member Testimonial



Here's Dr. Ifland to share with you all the ways that
the ARC will give you peace with food forever.

"We're taught to Try, Observe, Talk, Tweak, Repeat, Slowly. (TOTTRS) So we never fail. There is no failure. We learn at our own pace. There are many ways to develop skills, so I always have something fun to do which also moves me forward. I've never experienced anything like this and I've never gotten this far in having control over my food."

ARC Member Testimonial

Breakthough Immersion Recovery
ARC Master Package
$59 per month


At least 15 hours of live daily programming every day

2 emails per day to include newsletter and podcast recording

Access to ARC Resource Center including Weekend Workshop Vault

Access to a secret Facebook group

Access to Private Messenger groups

Access to Dr. Joan Ifland for questions through email or Private Messenger regarding food and recovery


Support from your Dedicated Recovery ARC Advocate,


Assistance with resources

Answer questions through, email PM, or text

Trained peer support

Meet with your ARC Advocate in a small group for up to 15 mins 4 x during the first month of membership

After your first month, meet one to one with your ARC Advocate for up to 15 mins once per month 



Pressed for Time?

ARC Premium Package
$97 per month


What you get...

 ARC Master Package 


Daily small-group ZOOM call with your ARC Advocate Monday - Friday

Experience the miracle of setting your affirmation, intention, and gratitude in a quick 15-minute zoom call.

Get your food under control while keeping to your schedule.


Want that private, expert time?

ARC Concierge Package
$197 per month


What you get...

ARC Master Package 


ARC Premium Package 


Monthly one to one meeting with your ARC Advocate for up to 60 minutes

Get tailored ideas for your specific concerns.

Be empowered with custom skills that fit your needs exactly.



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