Food Addiction RESET Week
SUNDAY, JUNE 11th to SATURDAY, JUNE 17th 2023
Tired of programs that are
too weak to work?

Finally get the immersion recovery
you've needed all along

Get the security and ease of At-Home Rehab

For 7 full days, you will enjoy the empathy and compassion of a supportive online, peer support community that is rooted in the breakthrough new science of processed food addiction

Imagine this ...

Specific methods for retraining your brain not to crave

Science-backed strategies for neutralizing triggers

Easy steps to food control that actually work

Know precisely how to stop emotional cravings

Clean-eating and easy relapse recovery

Explainations for the real reasons you can't control your eating.

Here's what you can expect during RESET Week

  • Easy access to the online peer support program on ZOOM for 7 full days from SUNDAY, JUNE 11th to SATURDAY, JUNE 17th 2023
  • Access to a BONUS cooking support session on Saturday, JUNE 10th, 2023.

Learn the Science of
Processed Food Addiction
Joan Ifland

Who is Dr. Joan Ifland?

Lead editor/author of the textbook, Processed Food Addiction,
selected by the Oprah Winfrey Network as food addiction specialist,
Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and
an innovator in food addiction recovery programs

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What we now understand

Obesity and eating disorders have stubbornly refused to respond to treatment since the 1990s. This book organizes the evidence for a possible answer, i.e., that the problem is one of addiction to processed foods.

At-home immersion recovery is the new answer

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Are you ready to get your life back?


Watch as Dr. Joan IfIand introduces
Food Addiction Reset Week and
the power of At-Home Rehab

"Reset week is a week long immersion which leads to your food addiction recovery. I was so relieved to find a course and people where I could understand and tackle what I do with food. I know all about diets and thatโ€™s not what I need. Surprisingly it was also fun. I met some cool people and we have continued to work together to give me the tools I need to manage my food addiction. Food Addiction Reset Week got me off to a great start. "

Donna, NY

New discoveries can put overeating into remission within 7 days

The new textbook, "Processed Food Addiction," revealed that overeating can actually be a serious form of addiction to processed foods. With this new breakthrough, you finally get a high-enough level of support...the level you've needed all along to stop even severe bingeing.

From the comfort of your home...

You will have access to, Dr. Joan Ifland, a leading expert in processed food addiction. She will share expert steps to take to stop overeating based on her 25 years of work in the field.

On the very first day...

You will meet people who know how to get out of the misery you're enduring.  You'll be amazed at how much easier it is to eat peacefully when you're around people who really care about you but also know how to gently implement small steps that actually work.

The Truth about Overeating

Isolation and loneliness are leading causes of overeating. 

As soon as you register for Food Addiction Reset Week we are available for you.

You will find people who understand you and your food addiction and relate to your experience as they have been there too.

During Food Addiction Reset Week, Dr. Joan Ifland and our Addiction Reset Community members will be available on video chat.

Your thoughts will quickly settle down and you will find peace from processed food addiction.

Are you ready to be with like-minded people who really understand?


In the months after Food Addiction Reset Week

Food Addiction Reset Week is followed by three months of the Addiction Reset Community(ARC). You will continue to grow stronger, building and establishing routines and protect the newfound control of your processed food addiction.

Find out more about a typical Day At Home Rehab RESET Week

"During Reset Week I learned so much more of the science of food addiction. I benefitted most from the dedicated time for science video discussions. The group insights were really helpful and gave me new perspective for my recovery."

Sandra L. Texas

Are you ready to get free from food obsession?

Food Addiction Reset Week is full at-home rehab which requires you to commit a week to your food addiction recovery. You will be working with a leading expert in the recovery from processed food addiction